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About Pro Gym Supply

The Global Leader in Remanufactured Gym Equipment®

Pro Gym Supply is a supply of premium quality commercial grade used gym & fitness equipment. We are based out of West Babylon, New York which is in Long Island. Pro Gym Supply has an extensive selection of used commercial treadmills, used commercial ellipticals, exercise bikes, spin bikes & group cycles, and our vast selection of commercial gym quality strength equipment. ProGymSupply.com stands out from the crowd because of our quality and the craftsmanship that we put into every single piece of refurbished, reconditioned and remanufactured commercial fitness equipment. We specialize in custom remanufactured products and can handle any job no matter how big or small.

The Largest Production Facility in the Eastern USA!

Pro Gym Production Facility New York

Our business model is simple, offer customers the best possible products at the best possible price. We all know very well that a treadmill is a treadmill is a treadmill, and most used equipment dealers advertise the same types of products, so why purchase from us versus our competition? Well the simple answer is that we can probably offer you a better deal for your money. We keep our business agile, efficient and adaptable to the demands of the marketplace. We don’t just buy tons of products to store and look at in a huge warehouse like many of our competitors do. They show off how many products they have in a warehouse, but they don’t tell you that 20% of their inventory does 80% of their business and most of it just sits there for months on end unsold.

We buy smart. We purchase equipment that is in demand. We purchase products that are in better than average condition so that you the consumer can take advantage of our lower price and at the same time get a better quality product. That’s why our inventory changes weekly because we only buy the best and sell you the best pieces from any given batch of products.

We offer our equipment “a la carte” which means that you have the ability to decide what kind of product and condition you want. We can sell our products As Is, Serviced & Cleaned, Refurbished, or Fully Remanufactured. That means we can keep you within your budget and expectations for a pre-owned product. This model has served us and our customers well.

Honesty and integrity are simple qualities that many pre-owned equipment dealers lack. That’s why we treat each customer right from the smallest purchase to the largest purchase and we give you the time to explain to us exactly what you’re looking for. Then we match you up with a product that you want and need, nothing more and nothing less.

We want you to succeed and we know what it’s like to run a small business. So give us a chance to do the right thing for you!


Pro Gym Production Facility New York

Pro Gym Production Facility New York








Pro Gym Remanufacturing ProcessPro Gym Remanufacturing Process 

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Used Gym Equipment New York

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Services We Offer

Are you upgrading equipment in your facility? Looking to open a brand new gym? Or just buying a piece or two for your home or home gym? No problem! The professionals and industry experts at Pro Gym Supply will speak with you about and even more importantly, listen, to your specific equipment needs. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have by email, phone, and of course you are more than welcome to stop in for a meeting at our facility.



Well, that is what we’re here for after all, to provide you with the highest quality remanufactured and certified pre-owned commercial fitness equipment and customer service. From your first phone call, to receiving your equipment and even afterwards to follow up, you can be sure that we will be responsive and accommodating to every situation, we even offer financing and options for customization. With Pro Gym Supply you are not just buying a piece of equipment, you are investing in peace of mind– just ask our customers. Call or click to get started now.


Pro Gym Supply offers full gym installs done by our certified technicians. We can do final mile, white glove delivery and installations of any and all fitness equipment, you can even ship your products to us and we will professionally install them for your customer.


It’s true, we can replace any pads you may need or want reupholstered. We can match your existing pieces, or even give your equipment a fresh new look with our custom colors.


Liquidations, club buyouts, or even individual commercial pieces, we’re buyin! Contact us to find out how to sell or trade in your existing equipment.


We rent our equipment out! Pro Gym Supply has a fleet of treadmills, ellipticals, steppers and bikes specifically designated for rent. We have done work with a variety of clients including television studios like NBC Universal for short term rentals.


Do you need your equipment moved within your facility or to a separate location? Either way, you have come to the right place, as we can handle all types of moves, relocations and equipment extractions.


Now that you have your equipment, what do you do if something goes wrong? Whether your machine was purchased from Pro Gym Supply or not, we are here to help.

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