Commercial Gym Accessories


Commercial Gym Accessories

Pro Gym Supply has the largest selection of commercial & home gym accessories anywhere. Our accessories allow you to change the style of workout, increase resistance, target specific muscle groups and limit the range of motion for rehabilitative purposes or muscle isolation training. Our fitness accessory line up consists of medicine balls, jump ropes, resistance bands, stability balls and much more.


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  1. TKO Multi Purpose V Chrome Bar

  2. TKO Deluxe Stirrup Handle

  3. TKO 17" Cable Bar

  4. TKO Multi-Exercise Chrome Bar

  5. TKO Triceps Full Extension Bar

  6. TKO Seated Row / Chinning Bar

  7. TKO 28" Curl Bar

  8. TKO Chrome Lat Bar

  9. TKO Pro Style 38" Lat Bar

  10. TKO Pro Style 30" Lat Bar

  11. TKO 24" Triceps Rope

  12. TKO Hammer Rope

  13. TKO Lock Jaw Collar

  14. TKO Combo Hex Bar

  15. TKO Olympic Weight Collars

  16. TKO 15 lb Rubberized Medicine Ball

  17. TKO 12 lb Rubberized Medicine Ball

  18. TKO 10 lb Rubberized Medicine Ball

  19. TKO 8 lb Rubberized Medicine Ball

  20. TKO 6 lb Rubberized Medicine Ball

  21. TKO 4 lb Rubberized Medicine Ball

  22. TKO 2 lb Rubberized Medicine Ball

  23. TKO Lightweight Skip Rope

  24. TKO Pro Line Leather Rope

  25. TKO High Speed Skip Rope

  26. TKO Fitness Ball 55 CM

  27. TKO Fitness Ball 65 CM

  28. TKO Fitness Ball 75 CM

  29. TKO X-Heavy Stretch Cord

  30. TKO Heavy Stretch Cord

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