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Go Green

How fitness can go green with used gym equipment

It comes as no surprise that along with other industries, more fitness businesses are taking responsibility for their impact on the environment. Through their own dedication to reducing waste,we at Pro Gym Supply Inc not only refurbish used fitness equipment to brand new, but in that process we recycle 80% of possible wasted materials. Every week, all used cardboard, papers, metals, and plastics are separated and carted away to their respective recycling centers and scrap metal reclamation stations. Additionally, we use water-based, non-volatile, and environmentally friendly paints on all of their equipment.

Aside from the cost saving benefits and ability to personalize each and every machine during the process, there are countless reasons to buy refurbished equipment. First and foremost, is the preservation of raw materials as our Certified Re-manufacturing program works to restore the original materials. What is also markedly reduced every time a refurbished machine is chosen over a new one are the amount of toxic paints, plastics discarded that may never decompose, wasted metals, and carbon used to manufacture and ship a new machine.

By having one of the largest inventories of used gym equipment, we make it easy to go green with high-quality, low priced, fitness equipment that is certified as “same as brand new”. From keeping chemicals out of landfills, to preserving raw materials and keeping energy costs low, we help make a positive impact on the environment to help make fitness green.

Pro Gym Go Green