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Graceful lines. Easy operation. Matrix specialists have developed simulators that accurately reproduce natural body movements. What was the result? Equipment that is more convenient and efficient. And since we understand the interests of gym owners and their visitors, the Matrix equipment looks as impressive as possible and takes up minimal space.

Strength training options are essential when it comes to bringing enthusiasts to your fitness facility, and our industry-leading designs will keep them coming back again and again. It’s Matrix's promise to you that every product from every series will offer fluid movement, ergonomically sound comfort and the durability to stand up to the most rigorous exercise environments. And every series boasts a beautiful industrial design all its own, so you’ll love the way our machines look on your floor.


Superior styling made the Aura Series an instant classic. Signature features made it one of the most-imitated product lines in the industry. Choose the Aura Series, and you’ll discover that beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike will be drawn to something that the competition can’t imitate an unmistakable aura of greatness.


This means AS IS WHERE IS. This condition is primarily reserved for our dealer network. Used gym equipment dealers generally understand that when purchasing As Is equipment they can expect to find scratches, scuff marks, possibly missing hardware, possibly some damage to the plastics on the machine, normal wear & tear on the upholstery, and the knowledge that the equipment generally cannot be used in it's present form. These buyers understand that the equipment will require some level of service and maintenance to bring it back to proper running condition. We do not recommend AS IS products to end users unless you are buying strength equipment, free weights or a piece of cardio equipment in good condition. If you are interested in this option we request that you come visit our warehouse to look at the equipment firsthand, test it and make sure you are happy before making the purchase.

As is / Used Condition


This condition is suitable for a buyer on a budget. In this instance we will hand pick equipment from our large inventory that is already in good working condition and has minimal cosmetic issues. Our certified technicians will then go through the machine top to bottom to make sure all components are working. The machine will get tuned up and a full maintenance is performed on the equipment. Once the machine is serviced top to bottom it will undergo a thorough cleaning. Cleaned & Serviced equipment will have normal signs of use and wear and will likely have some cosmetic imperfections such as scratches, scuff marks, nicks, abrasions or marks on the plastics but will be 100% functional. This level of service comes with a very basic 30 day parts warranty but is usually enough to cover any emergency service issues within the first month of ownership. As long as you keep the machine maintained you can expect it to have a reasonably long lifespan.

Cleaned & Serviced


Refurbished is a step above Cleaned & Serviced. This level of service includes a full service top to bottom, and a thorough cleaning. However with Refurbished you get all new parts. For example on a treadmill you will receive a new running belt, a new deck, new drive belt and any parts that require replacement will be changed out with OEM or OEM equivalent parts including any hardware. This level of service yields a product in excellent working condition but it allows you to save money because we do not paint the frame. So you may see some scratches, chips in the paint and/or scuff marks. This does not affect the performance of the machine in any way, but if you can help us save money on the time consuming process of painting it, then we are more than happy to pass on the savings to you. It comes with a 3 month warranty.

Refurbished Condition


Our flagship product is known as Remanufactured. This level of service is a cut above the rest. Our Remanufacturing process is second to none and is deemed to be one of best if not The Best remanufacturing process in the country right now.

This process includes stripping the machine down to the bare frame. The frame goes through our sanding and prep department. Then it goes to our paint department to get a new coat of paint in your choice of color. We currently employ a three stage painting process which includes a base coat of primer, the primary color and a clear coat similar to what you have on your car. We also powdercoat frames and components on an as-needed basis and depending on our customers preference and the price quoted for the equipment.