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Don't miss out on all of these deep discounted commercial gym and fitness equipment to help start a new gym, bolster your existing setup, or just pick up a strength or cardio machine for your home gym. All prices listed below are for Cleaned & Serviced or As-Is condition unless otherwise noted. You can request more information on other conditions and customizations by calling in.

Stay tuned to this page as we continue to update more equipment!

We provide quantity discounts, and wholesale pricing (minimum quantity orders are required)

All items marked red are sold.

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Photos Description Price

Pit Shark (NEW!!!)


Cybex 5 Stack Jungle Gym (Cable Crossover, Lat Pulldown, Row, and Assisted Chin Dip)


Muscle D Multi-Gym


Matrix Connexus Storage Station (As Is)
Storage Station Only, accessories and weights shown in photo are available at an additional cost.


True Fitness 3-Way Press Bench With Plate Holders (New)


Gym Rax Storage & Suspension Rack


Hammer Strength HD Elite Lat Pulldown/Low Row


Versa Climber CL-109


Life Fitness GX Exercise Bike w Monitor


Life Fitness Optima Mutli-Press


Precor Icarian Olympic Flat Bench


Precor Icarian Olympic Decline Bench


Precor Icarian Olympic Incline Bench


Hammer Strength Oblique Ab Crunch


Matrix Rower


Life Fitness 95ri Recumbent Bike (As Is)


Precor Icarian Squat Rack


Cybex VR Multi-Hip 


Star Trac 8 Series Recumbent Bike


Star Trac 8 Series Upright Bike


Schwinn AC Performance Carbon Blue Spin Bike


Quantum Iso Dual Leg Press


Precor AMT 885 with P82 Console


Paramount Lat Pulldown


Paramount Rotary Chest


Nebula Smith Machine

Nautilus Nitro 12 Piece Strength Circuit
1x Lateral Raise
1x Leg Extension
1x Nautilus Nitro Row
1x Nautilus Nitro Abdominal
1x Nautilus Nitro Seated Leg Curl
1x Nautilus Nitro Back Extension
1x Nautilus Nitro Fly
1x Nautilus Nitro Chest Press
1x Nautilus Nitro Overhead Press
1x Nautilus Nitro Lat Pulldown
1x Nautilus Nitro Leg Press
1x Nautilus Nitro Gravitron
Cybex VR3 Leg Package
1x Cybex VR3 Leg Curl
1x Cybex VR3 Leg Extension
Cybex Smith Machine $2,500
Cybex 770C W/ E3 Monitor $1,995
Life Fitness Signature & Optima Strength Package
1 x Life Fitness Optima Series Multi-Press
1 x Life Fitness Signature 0-90 Adjustable Bench
1 x Life Fitness Signature 45 Degree Hyper Extension
1 x Life Fitness Signature 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack with CAP Barbell 5-50 Lbs. Dumbbells Pairs
1 x Life Fitness Signature VKR Chin Dip
1 x Life Fitness Signature CMDAP

Octane Fitness 3700 With LED Console (Cleaned & Serviced)


Octane Fitness 3700 With Touchscreen (Cleaned & Serviced)


Nautilus Nitro Rear Delt/Pec Fly


Strive Fitness Shoulder Press


Strive Fitness Seated Pushdown 


Strive Fitness Seated Row


Cybex 360A Arc Trainer (Cleaned & Serviced Condition)

TechnoGym Gym Package
2x TechnoGym Jog Treadmill
2x TechnoGym Vario
2x TechnoGym Synchro
2x TechnoGym Wave w/ Moving Arms

Leg Curl Seated
Arm Curl
Shoulder Press
Vertical Traction
Chest Press
Leg Extension
Arm Extension
Leg Press

Low Pull
High Pull
Overhead Press
Precor Icarian 4 Stack Jungle Gym $5,995
Woodway Desmo Treadmill (Reconditioned)  $7,195
Keiser M3 10 Spin Bike Package $10,950
Nautilus Nitro Lateral Raise $1,195
Precor Icarian T-Bar Row $600
Nautilus Nitro Lower Back $695
Precor Icarian VKR $300
Stairmaster Treadclimber $1,800
True Fitness LC900 Upright Bike $1,295
Cybex VR Glute Machine $900
SportsArt XT20 Recumbent Bike $1,895
Life Fitness LeMond Revmaster Spin Bike (As Is) $650
Cybex Kneeling Leg Curl $1,400
Concept2 Model D Rower w PM3 Monitor $1,000
Precor Icarian Stretch Center $795
Precor Spinner Rally Studio Spin Bikes $1,595
Precor RBK 885 Recumbent Bikes (Cleaned & Serviced) $1,895
Star Trac NXT Spin Bike Star Trac NXT 7170 Spin Bikes (Cleaned & Services) -- we just received 33 bikes in great condition, don't hesitate... they'll sell out fast!! $1,095 each
Power Lift Plate Loaded Reverse Back Power Lift Plate Loaded Reverse Back (Used, As Is) $1,495 each
Power Lift Plate Loaded Jammer Power Lift Plate Loaded Jammer (Used, As Is) $1,095 each
TechnoGym Kinesis Circuit (High Pull, Low Pull, Overhead Press, Press) $6,595
Precor Icarian Power Cage (As Is) $900
SciFit Pro 1000 UBE with Touchscreen $3,550
Strive Fitness 8 Piece Circuit
Strive Fitness Leg Extension
Prone Leg Curl
Seated Row
Shoulder Press
Seated Pushdown
Chest Press
Arm Curl
Body Masters Calf $1,050
Precor Discovery Seated Calf $1,495
Precor Diverging Lat Pulldown $1,495
Star Trac Ride Republic w Monitor -- They're going fast, just sold out 75% of our stock -- only 5 left $1,195
Cybex VR2 Ab Crunch $1,095
Cybex Eagle Calf (As Is) $895
TRX S Frame 15’ -- Only 5 More Available $1,200
PowerLift Rack (Only The Rack) $995
Precor Icarian 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack (Rack Only) (Dumbbells Not Included) $150