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If you were looking to open your gym and stay within a small budget. Now is the time. We have a nice package in great condition, available and ready to ship!

If you were looking to open your gym and stay within a small budget. Now is the time. We have a nice package in great condition, available and ready to ship! We have assembled a strength & cardio complete gym package centered around Matrix. All equipment is in as-is Fully Working Condition unless otherwise stated. This is a perfect gym package for someone looking to open up a small gym or training center and is also perfectly suited for a larger hotel or corporate gym. All equipment is matching silver color.

Package Includes:


  • Matrix Treadmill T3xi  (Qty 3)
  • Matrix Ascent Trainer ASX  (Qty 2)
  • Matrix Elliptical E5XC  (Qty 2)
  • Matrix Hybrid Upright Bike  (Qty 2)
  • Matrix R5X Recumbent Bike (Qty 1)
  • Rower (Qty 1)



  • Matrix Chest Press (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Pec Dec Rear Delt (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Shoulder Press (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Seated Row (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Lat Pulldown (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Arm Curl (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Tricep Extension (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Abdominal (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Back Extension (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Leg Extension (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Seated Leg Curl (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Leg Press (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Lateral Raise (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Hip Abductor (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Hip Adductor (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Assistant Chin Dip (Qty 1)


Cable Crossovers:

  • Matrix Cable CrossOver (Qty 1)


Plate Loaded:

  • Matrix Smith Machine (Qty 1)
  • Magnum Bench Press (Qty 1)
  • Magnum Incline Press (Qty 1)


Benches & Racks

  • Matrix Preacher Curl (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Hyper Extension (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Seated Calf (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Multi Benches (Qty 2)
  • Matrix Adjustable Decline  (Qty 1)
  • Matrix Dumbbell Rack (Qty 1)
  • TKO Flat Olympic Bench (Qty 1)
  • TKO Incline Olympic Bench (Qty 1)


Plates / Dumbbells / Barbells:

  • Dumbbells from 10-100lbs increments of 5lb
  • Olympic Plates 1500lbs



For More information concerning this Matrix Complete Gym Package offer, please contact us by filling in the form above or call us at 1(516) 830-3512. We Ship Commercial Grade Remanufactured Fitness Equipment Worldwide. Click Here to get a Shipping Quote. Pro Gym Supply is based in West Babylon, New York. We can professionally deliver, install & setup your remanufactured gym equipment in your home, fitness center or place of business.

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Approximate Square Footage 2000 sq ft
Package Type Complete Gym Package
Weight 1200.0000
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