Cybex Eagle Overhead Press

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The converging path of motion of Eagle Overhead Press mirrors the natural way the human arms move up and into the center not straight up. Eagle Overhead Press by Cybex provides a more complete range of motion with constant torque at the shoulder.

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Engage and work a range of upper body and arm muscles on the range topping Cybex Eagle Overhead Press. With Dual Axis Technology, users can perform both machine-defined movements and harder user-defined movements. Making this a great piece of equipment for exercisers of all abilities. Furthered by the weight stack, that caters to all needs.

The independent arms on the Cybex Eagle Overhead Press help you balance your strength development. Additionally there are scapular plane grips to accommodate those with compromised shoulders.

This very safe and stable weight machine includes holders for your accessories and has instruction placards on it to help users start out. The Cybex Eagle Overhead Press provides a more complete range of motion with constant torque at the shoulder.

Adding Cybex Dual Axis technology gives an added dimension by augmenting the converging motion with the option for a user-defined motion. Cybex uses independent movement to train each according to its need.



  • Dual Axis Technology allows the user to train with confidence in machine-defined movements or progress to more advanced user-defined movements
  • Scapular plane grip accommodates those with compromised shoulders
  • Independent arms for balanced strength development
  • Easily adjustable gas-assisted seat
  • Converging path of motion for a more complete range of movement and better results
  • Maximum safety and stability
  • Standard and neutral grips provide multiple grip choices


Weight877 lbs
Dimensions68 × 61 × 56 in



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