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Rogers Athletic Pendulum Hip Press


The Rogers Athletic Pendulum Hip Press minimizes spinal compression, reduces sheering forces on the knees and most critically, offers a safer alternative to free weight squatting.

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The Rogers Athletic Pendulum Hip Press was specifically designed this leg machine to minimize spinal compression, reduce sheering forces on the knees. More important it offers a safer alternative to free weight squatting. The Pendulum Hip Press is a completely unique leg press. With their engineered strength curves and custom seat design, the hip and glute region are activated beyond that of a traditional leg press.


The adjustable stopper on the side controls the depth of movement. Equally important  for training injured athletes who do not have full range of motion, or train athletes with poor flexibility. Uniquely, S.E.T. can also be used for variable range training which can be very intense. Furthermore, the wide range of foot placement keep lower body leg day effective.


  • The Hip Press provides a workout that targets core areas using motions designed to maximize results
  • Lockout handles ensure correct and safe starting position
  • Six replaceable weight horns for plate storage
  •  Weight horns constructed of steel insert with over-molded urethane for long life and ease of weight placement
  • Adjustable seat for comfort
  • Three position range limiter allows a comfortable range of motion without over extension




Weight615 lbs
Dimensions84 × 70 × 59 in