Schwinn AC Performance “Carbon Blue” Bike Package

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23 bike package is able to fill an entire gym or studio!!! The carbon belt on these indoor cycles provides the durability and strength your users need.

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The Schwinn AC Performance Carbon Blue Indoor Cycles designed to enhance rider comfort with micro adjustable seat and handlebars. Additionally, wider step-through and durable, covered stretch pads all surrounded by a rust-free aluminum frame. Using a traditional chain drive, the Indoor Cycle provides an authentic riding experience indoors.

The innovative and stylish design keeps the Schwinn AC Performance Carbon Blue Indoor Cycle on the cutting edge of the indoor cycling industry. Additionally with the smallest footprint of any commercial group cycling bike. Therefore allowing for the most usage of the cycling studio floor space

Schwinn’s Carbon Blue features Carbon Drive technology. Featuring a carbon fiber reinforced belt with teeth for maximum durability and true bike performance. Due to the drive, there is low maintenance resulting in the belt never requiring lubrication and tension never needing to be adjusted.

Schwinn AC Performance Carbon Blue Features:

  • High Performance handlebars support all rider needs, from comfort to high-performance
  • Virtual Contact Magnetic resistance brake allows for smooth, consistent control
  • Schwinn Fit System enables versatile seat and handlebar adjustments for reined positioning
  • Schwinn Fit system enables a wide range of seat and handlebar adjustments to provide safe and comfortable setup for a wide range of riders





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