TechnoGym SkillRun Treadmill – Unity 5000 Console

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TechnoGym SkillRun is the first professional treadmill that combines cardio and strength all in one machine. It doesn’t matter what sport you play or if you just want to challenge yourself. Skillsessions feature advanced science-driven training contents and recognized instructors to improve your performance.

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Speak with a fitness equipment expert
Speak with a fitness equipment expert.
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TechnoGym SkillRun is the first professional treadmill that combines cardio and strength all in one machine.  The treadmill can be used with any type of incline, including negative. The speed and incline can be adjusted instantly using the Quickpad on the console. Speed changes are more immediate than those seen with standard adjustment, making the TechnoGym SkillRun the perfect piece of cardio for your gym.


  • Classic workout programs: 1 – Quick Start
  • Goal-Oriented workout programs: 3 – Time/Calories/Distance
  • Heart rate-driven workout programs: 3 – CPR-CHR/Training Zone/Weight Loss
  • Individual profile workout programs: 7 – Profiles (6 preset), Create your own
  • On-trend workout programs: 4 – Speed Shift, Hi-Low Blocks, Hills, Cross Training
  • Real-time Races: Up to 99 participants
  • Marathon courses: ✔
  • Performance Training: Sled; Run Against Resistance (constant resistance)
  • Goal-Oriented Routines: 3 – Cardio Fit Training, Strong Legs, Speed&Agility Drills
  • Submaximal Tests: 4 -Fitness Test, Single Stage, Multistage, Smart Test
  • Maximal Tests: 9 – Technogym Maximal Test, Custom Maximal Test, Bruce, Bruce Modified, Naughton, Balke And Ware, Astrand Modified, Costill And Fox, Technogym Maximal Power Test
  • Military Tests (US Army): 8 – Gerkin Protocol, Air Force PRT, Navy PRT, Army PFT, Marine Corps PFT, Federal Law Enforcement PEB, IPPT, GTO


  • Running surface type: Slat Belt technology
  • Running surface size: 68″ x 22″ (173 x 55 cm)
  • Max user weight: 485 lbs (220 KG)
  • Footrest width: 5.5″ (14 cm )
  • Speed range (at any main supply): 0.2-30 km/h (0.1-18.6 mph)
  • Gradient range: -3% / +25%
  • Multidrive Technology: Run + Resistance
  • Ergonomic Sled Handlebars: ✔
  • Maximum Sled load: 350 lbs (160 KG)
  • Motor PFC: ✔
  • Maximum resistance: 1700 watts @ 10.0 km/h (6.25 mph) – [Max. Resistance increases with speed]


Weight492 lbs
Dimensions73 × 64 × 66 in



Cardio, Total Body