Precor & Nautilus Nitro Complete Gym Package

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If you were looking to open your gym and stay within a small budget. Now is the time. We have a INCREDIBLE PACKAGE in great condition, available and ready to ship!

If you were looking to open your gym and stay within a small budget. Now is the time. We have a INCREDIBLE package in great condition, available and ready to ship! We have assembled a strength & cardio package centered around Precor Cardio & Nautilus Nitro Strength. The Cardio is a matching set of Precor Treadmills, Ellipticals, Adaptive Motion Trainers AMT. The strength section is a Nautilus Nitro Circuit with matching white frame and black pads. The circuit covers all major muscle groups. The Nautilus Nitro circuit comes with Belt movement with heavy duty curved frames for a modern look. It also comes with a heavy duty Icarian Cable Crossover.

The Plate Loaded section comes with Smith Machine, Seated Calf and a T-Bar Row. The freeweight section comes with matching Icarian Benches and Dumbbells and Plates. All equipment is in as-is Excellent Working Condition unless otherwise stated. This package is everything that you need to open a gym. Brand New, this package retails for well over $150,000. So hurry now and pick up your own Precor & Nautilus Nitro Complete Gym Package today. This package will not last!

Package Includes:


  • Precor 956i Experience Treadmills x 6
  • Precor 546i Experience Ellipticals x 3
  • Precor 576i Experience Ellipticals x 3
  • Life Fitness 95R Achieve Recumbent Bike w/ PVS x 1
  • Life Fitness 95C Achieve Upright Bike w/ PVS x 1
  • Stairmaster SC916 Stepper x 1
  • Star Trac Spinner Pro 6800 Indoor Cycle x 6


  • Nautilus Nitro Bicep x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Tricep x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Overhead Press x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Lat Pulldown x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Lower Back x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Seated Leg Curl x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Leg Extension x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Leg Press x 1
  • Nautilus 2nd Abdominal x 1
  • Nautilus 2nd Generation Lower Back x 1
  • Life Fitness Pro Lateral Raise x 1
  • Cybex VR2 Abductor x 1
  • Cybex VR2 Adductor x 1
  • Cybex Tricep Dip x 1
  • Cybex Assisted Chin Dip x 1
  • Icarian 45 Degree Calf x 1
  • Icarian High & Low Adjustable Cable Column x 1
  • Icarian Cable Crossover x 1

Plate Loaded

  • Icarian Seated Calf Raise x 1
  • Icarian Smith Machine x 1
  • Icarian T-Bar Row w/ Chest Support x 1


  • Icarian Power Rack x 1
  • Icarian Stretch Center x 1

Olympic Benches

  • Icarian Flat Olympic Bench x 2
  • Icarian Incline Oylmpic Bench x 1
  • Icarian Decline Olympic Bench x 1

Utility Benches

  • Icarian 0-90 Bench x 2
  • Icarian Decline Adjustable Bench x 1
  • Icarian Military Stool x 1
  • Icarian Seated Preacher Bench x 1
  • Icarian Hyper Extension x 1
  • Icarian The Ab Bench x 2
  • Icarian VKR x 1

Barbells / Olympic Plates / Bars

  • Commercial Steel EZ Curl Bar x 1
  • Commercial Steel Straight Bar x 1
  • King Fitness Barbell Rack x 1
  • Nautilus Barbell Rack x 1
  • Commercial Round Steel Dumbbell 15 25 30 40-125
  • Commercial Vertical Rack w Rubber DB 5-20lbs
  • Commercial Kettle Bells Set x 1
  • Commercial Kettlebell Rack x 1
  • Iron Grip Steel Olympic Plate Set x 1
  • Commercial Olympic Bars 7' x 4
  • Icarian Weight Tree x 2


For More information concerning this Precor & Nautilus Nitro Complete Gym Package offer, please contact us by filling in the form above or call us at 1(516) 830-3512. We Ship Commercial Grade Remanufactured Fitness Equipment Worldwide. Click Here to get a Shipping Quote. Pro Gym Supply is based in West Babylon, New York. We can professionally deliver, install & setup your remanufactured gym equipment in your home, fitness center or place of business.

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