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Pro Gym Supply Remanufacturing Process

It's Not Used It's Remanufactured

When you hear your used gym equipment is being "remanufactured" do you wonder what exactly is being replaced, repainted or reworked on your machine? Remanufactured, Refurbished, Pre-owned, with so many different terms out there, sometimes it's hard to tell. Well we are here to clarify what we mean when we say that our machines are Pro Gym Supply Certified Remanufactured. All electronic components including cables, harnesses and wiring are tested, diagnosed and replaced as needed






Strength Equipment Remanufacturing Process:

  • New decals throughout the machine
  • Shrouds are replaced if damaged
  • Weight stack is repainted and stickers are replaced
  • Frame is sanded down and repainted/powdercoated
  • Upholstery is replaced with choice of any of our custom colors
  • All hardware, bushings, bearings and grips are tested and replaced
  • Belt (or cable) is replaced and tightened


  • Initially disassembled to the frame and then built from the ground up
  • All necessary parts are greased and lubricated
  • Unit is tested for optimum performance

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