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Shipping & Delivery

How does my product ship?

Pro Gym Supply uses variety of LTL (Less Than Truckload), motor freight companies, and van line carriers. Our consistent volume of daily shipments allows us to secure the most competitive rates and pass the savings on to our customers. Our most commonly used carriers are FedEx Freight, YRC Freight, R&L Carriers, TNT Freight, Daylight Transport, and ConWay Freight.

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How long will my order take to arrive?

Depending upon the lead time of your order; minimum 2-weeks and up to 10-weeks for a full gym package, your order will be packaged in less than 2 days after completion of all order items, and scheduled for pickup to be shipped.

Average Transit Times

Northeast: Up to 1-3 Business Days
Southeast & Midwest: Up to 3-5 Business Days
Mountain: Up to 4-7 Business Days
West:Up to 5-9 Business Days

How can I track my shipped order?

Once your order has been picked-up by the shipping carrier, we will provide you with PRO number (tracking number) and carrier website, where you can find an up to date estimated delivery status and date.

Can Pro Gym Supply deliver AND install my products?

For those lucky enough to be located in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area, Pro Gym Supply can professionally deliver and install your products into any location. We will test and calibrate each unit to ensure the best product experience every time.

If you are located outside of the Northeast region, Pro Gym Supply has established a network of trusted professional delivery and installation companies that can meet your needs.

If you are purchasing a full used gym equipment package, Pro Gym Supply can have one of its experienced fitness experts fly to your location, who will design, coordinate, and execute your gym plan efficiently.

YRC Standard Transit Times

What should I do if my product arrives damaged?


In event that your order damaged in transit, make note on the BOL (Bill of Lading) that the driver has with him/her. If the damage is MINOR (e.g. cracked or dented covers, scratched paint, missing end caps, broken console, etc.) please make note on the BOL (Bill of Lading) and ACCEPT shipment. Once signed for, please contact your Pro Gym Supply representative so that we can replace or repair any parts issues and be reimbursed by the shipping carrier as per your BOL notes. If the damage is MAJOR (e.g. cracked frame, bent steel, fork lift punctures, or other extreme cases that would render a product unusable), you have the right to refuse delivery. Make sure to note all the outstanding issues on the carriers BOL (Bill of Lading), and call us immediately at 800-504-6068, so that a customer service representative can guide you through the process of receiving a replacement unit / store credit.

What does curbside freight mean?

Curbside freight is the standard delivery service via freight carriers, that leaves your product on the first dry landing of your home or business (e.g. driveway/front door step, or commercial store front). The trucking company will call you in advance to schedule a time of delivery. Typically, it will be scheduled during business hours Monday-Friday and they will provide you with a 2-5 hour window for delivery. PLEASE INSPECT YOUR DELIVERED ORDER FOR DAMAGES PRIOR TO ACCEPTANCE! If your equipment is damaged, please read the procedure above.

Curbside Freight

What does inside delivery mean?

Inside delivery is a service provided by Pro Gym Supply or specialty delivery companies that will bring in your fitness equipment order up to 50 feet inside your home or business. If required, the service will also include disassembly of equipment to move through your location and reassembly of the product in the selected final location. PLEASE INSPECT YOUR DELIVERED ORDER FOR DAMAGES PRIOR TO ACCEPTANCE! If your equipment is damaged, please read the procedure above.

What Does Inside Delivery Mean

How does my order come packaged?

More than 75% of all Pro Gym Supply orders are packaged on pallets, covered cardboard or bubble wrapped, and then shrink wrapped for protection of electronics and fragile parts. In most cases, products ship fully assembled, on occasion, Pro Gym Supply will remove the console or other detachable pieces that can be potentially damaged during transit. Most cardio products arrive crated in wood. For larger orders or full trailer loads, Pro Gym Supply will blanket wrap your shipment and thoroughly secure all products to the shipping trailer floor.

Please note: Most new equipment orders come factory packaged, and require simple assembly. If you would like to have professional assembly or require speciality packaging, please contact us toll-free 1(800)-504-6068 and a Pro Gym Supply representative will address your needs.

How Does My Product Come Packaged

How difficult will it be to install my own equipment?

Many customers choose to install their own equipment for additional savings on shipping.

Easy: 1-2 People
Moderate: 2-3 People
Hard: 3-4 People, disassembly required
Very Hard: 3-4 People, disassembly required

Treadmills (~250-500 lb.): Hard
Ellipticals (~200-350 lb.): Moderate
Steppers (~130-175 lb.): Easy
Exercise Bikes (~125-195 lb.): Easy
Spin Bikes (~100-145 lb.): Easy
Rowers (~50-130 lb.): Easy
Strength Equipment (~75-1000 lb.): Very Hard
Specialty Equipment (~50-450 lb.): Moderate
Stepmill, Jacob’s Ladder, Endless Rope, Absolo, etc.

How much does shipping usually cost?

Based on our consistent volume of daily shipments we are able to secure the most competitive rates and pass the savings on to our customers. Residential orders with lift-gate service traditionally ship from a minimum of $150 to approximately $700 depending on the dimensions, weight and final destination of the machine. Commercial orders with loading dock will ship for less than residential. Larger orders, full trailers, and ocean freight will yield a much lower unit price based on volume. Expedited air freight services are available at a slightly higher price point if desired.

Where is my order shipping from?

Most orders will be shipped from one of our two New York warehouse locations. Some new equipment orders will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to your door. A Pro Gym Supply representative, at your request, will notify you of the shipment from location and estimated delivery date.

Can I pick my order up myself?

Sure! As soon as your order is completed, your Pro Gym Supply representative will contact you to schedule a convenient pick-up time and date. Please notify the representative when placing the order, if you will be picking the order up. All pickups will be from our production facility located at: 37 Edison Avenue, West Babylon, NY 11704

Can I arrange my own shipping?

Sure! Although Pro Gym Supply secures some of the most competitive shipping rates, we understand that our customers sometimes have relationships with carriers. In this instance, Pro Gym Supply can provide you with the package dimensions required to get your own quote. If your quote is lower than our quote, we have no issues using your carrier; however, if any damage during transit occurs after leaving the Pro Gym Supply warehouse, you, the customer, would be responsible to contact the carrier and file any and all damage claims.

Is my equipment shipment insured?

All equipment delivered by Pro Gym Supply, or trusted freight carriers are insured for the full sale value not including shipping costs. If shipped through Pro Gym Supply’s network of trusted carriers, Pro Gym Supply will supersede the damage claim and make any and all repairs at the location of the customer. Thank you for choosing Pro Gym Supply for your equipment needs! We very much appreciate the opportunity to provide you with our quality equipment. Please review the information below. It explains how shipping works and what you can expect during the order process. It also helps answer questions you may have pertaining to warranty claims or shipping damage.

Shipping Procedure

Once we are ready to ship your order out, we begin the packaging process which sometimes takes a day or more depending on the number of pieces you ordered. Once the product ships out we will send you an email with the tracking number and instructions on how to track your shipment online. We ship using freight carriers such as YRC (Yellow Freight), Roadrunner Transportation, New England Motor Freight, Old Dominion Freight Line, A. Duie Pyle, and Fedex Freight. They operate similar to UPS or Fedex but are not quite as reliable. However we are here to assist you in the shipping process, so please feel free to ask us any questions if they have not been answered in the information provided below.

Tracking Your Shipment

You can track your shipment two different ways.

1. You can go to the shipping companies website as per our email and enter in the PRO#. The PRO# is the name of the tracking number that common carriers and freight companies use. They assign this number to your shipment and you can reference your shipment at any time using this number.

2. You can call the customer service number for the shipping company. Once you get an agent you can give them the PRO# and ask them to track the shipment for you.

Please DO NOT follow the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) that the shipping company provides for you online. We certainly don’t want you to make any special arrangements to be home from work on the ETA date. This is only an Estimated Time of Arrival and nothing more. The ETA means the estimated arrival date at the Local Servicing Terminal and NOT to your home or business. Once the product(s) arrives at the local terminal the shipping company will usually call you the same day or following day to set a delivery appointment. We at Pro Gym Supply have no control over terminal operations or transit times. So if you have not heard from the shipping company within 48 hours of the products arrival at the local terminal, please call the freight company’s customer service number.

Problems With Delivery

If the freight company set a delivery appointment and missed it or pulled a “no call no show” on you please call customer service and speak with someone that can help you. If they cannot help you or have not provided you with satisfactory information please contact us via email or telephone at 800-504-6068 and we will be happy to call on your behalf to address the matter. Sometimes we have more “pull” at the freight company because we ship a lot with them, so they may be more inclined to listen to us and resolve the matter faster.

How We Ship

Your product will arrive on a wooden pallet. Sometimes we build custom pallets and other times we use standard size pallets to ship out our fitness equipment. The equipment will be strapped down to the pallet and will be carefully packaged in a combination of shrink wrap, bubble wrap, blankets and corrugated cardboard. We do our best to carefully and securely package each machine to ensure it does not get damaged in shipping. Most of our products arrive fully assembled and usually require minimal if any assembly. We usually ship with the console or display off the machine to ensure that this expensive part does not get damaged. If you have any trouble installing it or plugging in the wire(s) please let us know. Most of the time the console requires only one or two cables to be plugged in which are usually self-explanatory and only go in one way. But if you have any difficulty we are here for you so don’t hesitate to call and ask us.

Please make sure that the cable harness is securely plugged in prior to screwing the display to the machine. Many times if the machine does not turn on the cables have not been securely plugged into the back of the display.

Shipping Damage

Shipping damage is very rare, but it can occur. If your product arrives with visible damage, TAKE DELIVERY OF THE DAMAGED PRODUCT! Please NOTE all damage on the freight bill PRIOR to signing for it. Most shipping damage is cosmetic and can be addressed by shipping out replacement parts as needed. These parts may include but are not limited to: plastic shrouds, covers, torn or scratched rubber handles/handlebars, torn or ripped seats, scratched paint, cracked plastics and dings in the frame. 99% of the time shipping damage is cosmetic and we can easily send you the replacement part. Chances are your machine will work fine, but may need some cosmetic work. It is MUCH easier for us to address this cosmetic damage than to ship you a new machine. Our standard policy does not include replacing the entire product unless the piece is declared a total loss due to shipping damage, so remember it is important that you:

A.) Note any shipping damage on the freight bill.

B.) Take delivery of the ‘damaged’ merchandise.

Instructions if you see damage

Once you receive the merchandise, take pictures of any damaged areas and email them to [email protected]. We will ship any replacement parts to you and if the service requires more than replacing a basic plastic cover, seat or handlebar we can also arrange to have a technician come to your home to service your product if need be. If possible please take a picture of the freight bill, scan it and email it or mail it out to our office so we have a copy of it. ALL shipping damage is covered under our Pro Gym Supply warranty so we send out the parts out of pocket. Once we receive your pictures, we then file a claim and deal with the shipping company on our end. This process is more efficient and less expensive to us than shipping out a replacement product. Waiting to receive a whole new product, especially if it’s a custom ordered product, could take another few weeks to receive while sending out some new replacement parts could take as little as a few days to receive.

What if I receive my machine, bring it inside, set it up and it does not work properly?

Every machine is tested thoroughly prior to shipping out. We have a quality control system in place that ensures each product that leaves our facility is properly working. All functions, buttons, keypads, heart rate grips and features work as they should. The unit was tested and found to be running properly with no clicks, rattles, squeaks or abnormal sounds. If you receive your machine and you feel like something is wrong with it, don’t panic! We support every machine we sell and we have the capability to address this issue for you. Email us at [email protected] or call 800-504-6068 to discuss your concerns. Please try to be as accurate as possible when describing the problem or symptoms your machine is having. Sometimes we can address the issue over the phone or via email and other times we may need to go further.

Warranty Service Procedure

  • If your machine is not working, there is no need to panic. As much as we test a unit, anything could have happened during transit between our facility and your home or business. We service the products but we don’t manufacture or engineer these machines so sometimes the complex mechanics of this equipment can cause some issues. Please follow the instructions below if your machine is not working properly.
  • Call or email us and let us know what is wrong with your machine. Please be as accurate as possible when describing the symptoms and/or problem you are having.
  • Take pictures or record the sound of any abnormal sounds. Most cell phones nowadays record video, sound and/or take pictures so this should be relatively easy.
  • We will respond back to your inquiry with information on what the next step is. We may need you to check a few things for us and run some tests prior to the next step.
  • If we determine that this problem you’re having is out of a normal persons expertise we can submit a work order to a local service provider and get them out to your home or business to fix the machine.
  • Once we submit the service work order to the local service provider, we will email you their information. They will call you to setup a service appointment. We realize that this is an inconvenience for you and we apologize, but sometimes things occur that are beyond our control and we ask for your patience and cooperation in the matter. We do everything in our power to get your unit up and running as soon as possible.
  • If you are fully covered under warranty you will incur zero expense out of pocket. We will pay the service company directly and send replacement parts as needed to fix your machine.
  • Once your machine is fixed you should be good to go. Most warranty issues revolve around simple adjustments or tune ups. Most sounds occur from something rubbing up against another part in the machine. Perhaps this was caused by shipping, but once again most warranty issues are simple fixes.