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BodyCraft was founded in 1994 with the simple mission of helping as many people as possible achieve their fitness goals. Thier passion lies in creating the ultimate in safety, variety, design, affordability and motivation. All fitness products designed by BodyCraft is built to fulfill each of these purposes. Each Bodycraft machine is designed to be fun and motivating while helping you build a better you with each workout. Train multiple body parts and muscle groups in a single workout without ever having to change machines. Functional trainers provide you with a variety of exercises in one piece of equipment.


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  1. BodyCraft XPress Pro Strength Training System

  2. BodyCraft X4 Strength Training System

  3. BodyCraft X2 Strength Training System

  4. BodyCraft T3 Training Tower

  5. New Arrivals

    BodyCraft X4 Multi-Station Gym

  6. New Arrivals

    BodyCraft XPress Pro Single Stack Strength Training System

  7. New Arrivals

    BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym

  8. New Arrivals

    BodyCraft Jones Platinum Smith Machine

  9. New Arrivals

    BodyCraft PFT Functional Trainer

  10. New Arrivals

    BodyCraft HFT Functional Trainer

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