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Life Fitness Steppers

Life Fitness Steppers

These tall and sleek designs are sure to be a real eye catcher for those who seek the thrill of a challenge. The Life Fitness Steppers are intuitive by nature and consistently test the determination of people of all fitness levels looking for an extraordinary cardio workout. These models give users a chance to climb higher then they’ve ever climbed before, making it extremely appealing to those who enjoy being faced with a challenge. The Life Fitness Steppers offer an opportunity for a total body workout rewarding its users by improving cardio vascular health and enhancing muscle development in the human body. Some innovative features include easy to use options such as personalizing your workout session and controlling the machines intensity level.

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  • Life Fitness 95Li Integrity Summit Trainer

  • Life Fitness 95Li Summit Trainer

  • Life Fitness 95Si Stepper

  • Life Fitness CLSS Integrity Stepper

  • Life Fitness Elevation Series Discover SE PowerMill

  • Life Fitness Integrity PowerMill

  • Life Fitness Integrity Series PowerMill (Purple)

Set Descending Direction

7 Item(s)