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Matrix Fitness redefined industry standards not only in industrial design, but also through a series of industry firsts. They introduced new fitness modalities with the Hybrid Cycle and Ascent Trainer products; raised the bar for user experience with our ClimbMill models; and took care of the details with their user-friendly bikes. They pioneered the use of oversized, tubular construction in strength equipment, and we lead the industry with our comprehensive Magnum and Varsity strength series.

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Matrix Fitness

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  • Matrix Livestrong S Series Indoor Cycle

  • Matrix A5x Ascent Trainer

  • Matrix E7Xe Elliptical

  • Matrix G3 Tricep Extension

  • Matrix G3 Seated Leg Curl

  • Matrix Livestrong E Series Indoor Cycle

  • Matrix S5X Stepper

  • Matrix C7XI ClimbMill

  • Matrix T7xe Treadmill

  • Matrix T3x Treadmill

  • Matrix G3 Arm Curl

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11 Item(s)