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Used Gym Equipment in Algeria

Pro Gym Supply specializes in remanufactured fitness gym equipment with affordable service and safe shipping to Algeria. We have the largest selection of individual cardio and strength machines, as well as complete gym packages. We understand that buying used gym equipment can be difficult when abroad in places like Algeria, so we make the process super simple. Our team can help you by providing the expertise you need when making your purchase. We have a team that speaks several languages and have a lot of experience helping international clients with exporting products worldwide.

Used Gym Equipment in Alergia

We ship our products to every major shipping port in Algeria. The primary shipping port that Pro Gym Supply ships to is the Port of Algiers which is a deep-water port located northeast of the Bay of Algiers, and manages both trade traffic and passengers. It covers an area of 126 hectares, 24 percent of which is devoted to the storage of goods, with a capacity of nearly 120,000 tons, including vertical silos for bulk cargo.

About Algeria

Algeria is a North African country with a Mediterranean coastline and a Saharan desert interior. Algeria is bounded to the east by Tunisia and Libya; to the south by Niger, Mali, and Mauritania; to the west by Morocco and Western Sahara (which has been virtually incorporated by the former); and to the north by the Mediterranean Sea. It is a vast country the largest in Africa and the 10th largest in the world that may be divided into two distinct geographic regions. The northernmost, generally known as the Tell, is subject to the moderating influences of the Mediterranean and consists largely of the Atlas Mountains, which separate the coastal plains from the second region in the south. This southern region, almost entirely desert, forms the majority of the country’s territory and is situated in the western portion of the Sahara, which stretches across North Africa.

Ports of Algeria

The Port of Algiers (El-Jazair in Arabic) is the capital and main seaport of Algeria in northern Africa. Built on the slopes of the Sahel Hills, Port of Algiers stretches for ten miles along the Bay of Algiers. The Port of Algiers is located about half-way between the Port of Dellys to the east and the Port of Cherchell to the west on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Its name comes from the Arabic word al-jaza'ir, meaning "the islands."

Fitness Industry in Algeria

The fitness equipment industry is booming in Algeria so now is a great time to invest in some quality equipment. We’ve had extensive experience shipping containers of fitness equipment all across the world and we can definitely help you out if you are in the Africa. Our international shipping team will handle the paperwork so your items are not stuck in customs. We pack our equipment very securely to ensure no damages. Pro Gym Supply has been servicing international clientele for over 15 years and we have built a solid reputation with all of our customers overseas.

We have shipped gym equipment all over Algeria including Algiers, Oran, Constantine, Sétif, Batna, Annaba, Ghardaïa and many others. Our international shipping team will handle the paperwork so your items are not stuck in customs. We pack our equipment very securely to ensure no damages. Honesty and Integrity are simple qualities that many used exercise machine vendors lack.

That is why we treat each customer in the best possible way with your purchase from the smallest to the largest purchase and we give you the time to explain exactly what you are looking for. Then we offer our expert opinion on the product that you think is appropriate for the client.

Used Gym Equipment in Alergia

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