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Maintenance Procedures

Gym Equipment Maintenance Procedures

In most commercial fitness centers, the gym equipment tends to get a lot of use from numerous different people on a daily basis, this sometimes leads to damage or wear and tear over a period of time. When this happens you’ll need to service the fitness equipment, that’s where we come in. We’ll send one of our knowledgeable Pro Gym Supply repair technicians to carry out our gym equipment maintenance procedures which cover a wide range of all different types of commercial fitness equipment. These maintenance procedures are set to not only repair the broken or damaged fitness equipment but also keep them performing to the best standards. Whether you are in charge of a large commercial gym or you have a few exercise machines at home, we can offer services to help you look after them and keep costs down. If you would like to know more about the procedures that we can carry out for you, please fill in the contact form above and we will respond shortly, answering all your questions.

When repairing your damaged fitness equipment we follow our equipment maintenance procedures. Doing this ensures that your commercial exercise equipment will not only be repaired correctly but will run smoothly and efficiently with no problems while being used daily. We can guarantee you that your commercial machines will have little to no issues with our regularly scheduled maintenance plan. This maintenance plan includes routine fitness equipment checks which involve regularly monitoring and testing the machines to see how well they are performing. Or we can offer a reactive service where we may repair the gym equipment when it is broken and no longer in use. We do this by taking apart the broken machines, cleaning them, adding in new features and parts when necessary, and fixing the problems that have occurred. As experts, we aim to repair your machines as quickly and efficiently as possible to get you back up and running. Need a repair? Contact Us Today! We offer fair and reasonable prices with reliable service. If interested, send us an email.

Gym Equipment Maintenance Procedures
Gym Equipment Repair & Maintenance

We offer service contracts on a monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly basis. A preventive maintenance program helps to keep your equipment in top condition, decrease downtime, and prevent major equipment failures. Cleaning, lubricating, and making adjustments as well as replacing worn parts are all necessary tasks for ensuring the safety and reliability of your equipment.

At Pro Gym Supply, we understand the importance of providing quality ongoing service. Not only are we confident that we can fix your issue, but we are committed to delivering lasting results that don’t cost a fortune, which is why we offer continuous maintenance plans. Major repairs can be costly and inconvenient. Get rid of the ‘out of order’ sign and sign up for preventative maintenance care; we guarantee that our trusted Pro Gym Supply technicians will be able to service your equipment, so unexpected breakdowns are a thing of the past!

Fitness Equipment Assembly & Disassembly

Moving can be stressful, which is why you should rely on Pro Gym Supply to care for your equipment during the process. Don’t get delayed by the tedious process of disassembling your fitness equipment. Let Pro Gym Supply prepare your strength & cardio fitness equipment for the journey! Whether it is breaking down a fitness unit or the installation of several, we will disassemble your exercise machinery in preparation for a move and then reassemble it. Don’t put your trust in a generic moving company when you can bring in a team of professionally certified fitness equipment technicians. Our trained experts promise to provide quality service on your units safely and quickly. During the reassembling phase, we will perform a detailed PM and safety check to ensure your product is working properly.

Commercial Gym Equipment Services

We are often asked to carry out full refurbishments as part of our exercise equipment services. This will usually consist of completely stripping the machine down, cleaning it thoroughly, checking for any damage, and supplying new parts where required. Once all the inner workings have been refurbished, our team will rebuild the unit, which could be a treadmill, rowing machine, spinning bike, cross trainer or any other fitness machine. The final stage of a full refurbishment will be to respray a paint coating onto the machine in the client’s chosen color, and for any equipment that has a seat or safety pads, we’ll apply new upholstery. You can email us  or call us at 800-504-6068.