Hammer Strength Multi-Adjustable Bench

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Increase the variety of workouts you can do with a 10-degree decline adjustment. The decline position is also excellent for performing various abdominal exercises to target your core.

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The Hammer Strength Adjustable Bench is the ideal home weight bench for the lifter that needs variety. Stability in their strength training routines. With 7 different back pad positions—starting at -10 degrees for decline lifts. Inclining to 75 degrees for military press and multiple angles in between. This bench is a centerpiece for elite training in the gym or at home.

The high-quality frames designed to handle the demands of the strongest lifters on this Hammer Strength Multi-Adjustable Bench. Additionally the injection-molded pads provide the durability, quality and support athletes need to focus on performing lifts. The bench’s lightweight design paired with rubber wheels and a conveniently placed handle makes it easy to move around your home gym.


Weight85 lbs
Dimensions52.5 × 22.2 × 18.5 in



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