Keiser Functional Trainer (3020)

Condition: Pre-Owned



Keiser Functional Trainer, just because you can pull a cable in a variety of directions doesn’t make it functional. Base must be purchased separately.

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The Keiser Functional Trainer is designed to be faster than the fastest human being, so you can properly train any movement, at any speed, in any direction. This machine is the core machine within the Infinity Series. It is used for rehabilitation and is one of the most basic and versatile cable machines available. Keiser resistance machines enable you to develop power and power is the key to performance.

Features of the Keiser Functional Trainer

  • Complete control of resistance levels
  • Keiser smooth, consistent resistance with virtually zero shock loading
  • Takes up less space and time with a small footprint and multi-user pieces that allow group training
  • Unlimited possibilities for training – any load, any speed, any plane
  • Versatility that allows you to customize your workout
  • ADA compliant


Estimated Specifications of the Keiser Functional Trainer

  • 92” / 2337 mm
  • WIDTH::
  • 96” / 2439 mm
  • DEPTH::
  • 47” / 1194 mm
  • WEIGHT::
  • 369lbs/168kg
  • 50lbs/22kg


The Floor mount or free standing base will need to be ordered separately and is available for this model. *Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious injury or death. 

  • Free-Standing Base (Model 3025)
  • Floor Mount Base Plate (Model 3021)






Total Body

Power Requirements