Precor AMT 885 Open Stride Elliptical, P82 Console

Condition: Refurbished



The Precor AMT 885 Open Stride Adaptive Motion Trainer completely reinvents adaptive motion training with the addition of its new Open Stride feature. This Open Stride feature allows users to adapt their stride height and length to create an infinite variety of stride paths as they train.

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The Precor AMT 885 Open Stride Elliptical is as versatile as the human body and different from any other type of workout. The award-winning Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) is designed to not only work your body, but also your imagination. Go from short strides to long strides, walking to running, then into deep lunges, on-the-fly.

The AMT gives you the freedom to create a challenging and completely unique workout every time. The commercial-oriented AMT meets your most demanding fitness workout needs and provides a challenging alternative to any exerciser. Therefore looking for variety and the chance to experience freedom of movement.

The Precor AMT 885 Open Stride Elliptical is part of the Experience Series 880 line of commercial-grade ellipticals by Precor. The AMT Adaptive Movement Trainer 885 with Open Stride technology is one of their most innovative machines yet. Featuring a unique suspension design that feels like you are running and walking in mid-air.

Never has a machine been so versatile that users can walk, run, climb, and bike all on one machine. The Precor AMT 885 Open Stride Elliptical features fully adjustable features like an adjustable stride height from 6.5 to 10 inches and adjustable stride length from 0 to 36 inches.

Using the Stride Dial, users can easily set and monitor which muscle groups they are working based on the stride height and length that is adjustable.



  • Console Type: 15in. LCD Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Tap Control: No
  • Tactile Dome Keys: Yes
  • QuickStart: Yes
  • Motion Controls: Yes
  • Numeric Keypad: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitoring


Weight422 lbs
Dimensions80 × 35 × 73 in



Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Power Requirements



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