Cybex VR3 Assisted Chin Up Dip Machine

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The Cybex VR3 Chin Dip Assist is part of the VR3 resistance strength line exercises the theory that form and performance belong together.

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The Cybex VR3 Chin Dip Assist. Part of the VR3 resistance strength line exercises the theory that form, and performance belong together. VR3 is a collection of machines that combine striking appearance, excellent performance, genuine comfort, and accessibility. Additionally without sacrificing the goal of functionality. If you want form and performance, the Cybex VR3 Chin Dip Assist delivers both.

Many dip/chin machines operate from a kneeling position which makes them less accessible and more difficult to exit particularly for seniors. Going from a kneeling to standing position is more difficult than the Cybex design which is standing to standing. Steps allow easy ingress and egress. This is the commercial strength line that competes with the best others have to offer.

A group of machines that combines striking appearance with rugged durability, The Cybex VR3 Chin Dip Assist has been engineered to take the tough punishment a heavy-duty commercial environment requires. And it works for the highly supervised gyms as well as the self-serve facility. Provides up to 112 lbs of assistance the amount that will accommodate the typical user who aspires to perform pull-ups and dips.

When users want to do dips or pull-ups without assistance, the foot bar easily flips-up to accommodate the unassisted motion. Extra-sized dip grips provide improved comfort. Dual grip positions accommodate user size and provide for greater variety of movements. The pull-up bar offers both bar and neutral grips for individual preference.



  • Gas spring assisted seat for easy adjustment.
  • Input arm adjusts automatically to accommodate varying forearm lengths.
  • Adjustable, angled back pad allows for torso stability.


Weight605 lbs
Dimensions62 × 55 × 97 in



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