Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Gripper

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The Plate Loaded Gripper was blueprinted from human movement. Separate weight horns engage independent diverging and converging motions for equal strength development and muscle stimulation variety.

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The Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Grippers designed to elevate grip strength for functional and sports specific applications. Isolate and elevate your grip strength with the Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Gripper. The Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Gripper allows you to isolate and elevate your grip strength. Therefore for both functional and sports specific applications.

It’s best to train finger strength in the most common positions: full-crimp (second knuckle above the first), half-crimp (second knuckle even with the first), and open-hand (second knuckle below the first). Buy plate loaded grip machines for sale, at Pro Gym Supply you can shop for Hammer Strength plate-loaded grip weight machines for sale at the best price now.



  • Iso-lateral Technology

Hammer Strength Ground Base High Pull delivers the smooth converging and diverging arcs of motion. Independent movement allows users to move both limbs at the same time, one at a time, alternating, or with different weights for each.


  • Ground Base

Ground Base machines movement-based compared to muscle-based. They train multiple muscle groups at once, for total body training that builds explosiveness from the ground up.


  • A History Of Performance

Hammer Strength built on the pure performance of plate-loaded equipment. For more than 25 years it has been the preferred strength training option for elite athletes and those who train like one.


  • Training Convenience

Hammer Strength machines offer several convenience features depending on the piece.


Weight65 lbs
Dimensions50 × 28 × 47 in



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