HOIST V4 Elite Home Gym

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It’s not often something so simple does so much. From legs to arms, chest to back, every inch is sure to see results with the help of the Hoist V4 Elite Home Gym.

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Hoist V4 Exercise Manual
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Engineered with the user in mind, the Hoist V4 Elite Home Gym provides you with the flexibility to customized your home gym and achieve your personal fitness goals. Sleek and attractive, the compact design requires minimal floor space, allowing your to move efficiently from one exercise to the next. This machine is quoted with Articulation Pressing Arm

Hoist V4 Elite Home Gym Features

  • Leg station allows the user to perform both leg extension and leg curl exercises from the seated position.
  • The V4 is the ultimate press arm combining the range-of-motion adjustment of the V1 with the user-defined exercise movement of the V3 press arm. The versatile V4 press arm also includes attachable strap handles to further increase your workout choices.
  • A range-of-motion adjuster provides multiple starting positions for both leg extension and leg curl exercises.
  • Self-aligning roller pads adjust automatically to accommodate varying leg lengths.
  • Multi-function back pad provides both telescoping and tilting adjustments for enhanced upper body support during chest, shoulder and back exercises.
  • 150 lb. Silent Steel® weight stack (upgradable to 200 lbs.): Each solid steel individual plate receives pressed-in industrial plastic bushings and then is machined to exacting specifications to insure glass smooth operation plus eliminating any metal to metal contact or sound.

Available Upgrades:

  • V Ride Leg Press
  • V Hi-Lo Pulley Gym
  • 50lb Silent Steel Weight Stack Upgrade




Weight609 lbs
Dimensions80.50 × 48.25 × 83.50 in



Black, Silver


Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Back, Abdominal, Legs, Upper Body, Lower Body, Total Body