Precor Chrono Spinner Indoor Cycle

Condition: Refurbished



The Precor Chrono Spinner Indoor Cycle Bike is an amazing bike with striking lines and a demanding presence and takes its place as the most evolved Spinner bike to hit the top clubs and facilities in the fitness arena.

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The Spinner Chrono Power bike delivers the most accurate way to measure personal performance on an indoor cycle. The power sensors are bonded directly to the resistance system of the bike. Therefore the rider gets a direct, real-time reading about their pedaling power in watts.

The power readings displayed in an all-new, color backlit LCD console that supports SPINPower® programming. Additionally  network capable using Bluetooth® and ANT+. The console features an easy-to-use interface displaying watts, cadence, heart rate, time, distance, and ten different intervals settings – in short, all the information a rider needs to get perfect feedback about their exercise.


Precor Spinner Chrono Features:


  • A breakthrough design that eliminates the need to ever supply or replace batteries in either the console or power sensor, providing a self-powered and reliable bike.
  • The Spinner Chrono Power uses a self-powered generator to store energy and supply current to the console to power the backlight and give riders three minutes after they have stopped pedaling to review their performance and download data onto a smartphone. The generator also provides energy to the power sensor.
  • The console includes the Precor Active Status Light™ to make maintenance easy.


Weight110 lbs
Dimensions47 × 39 × 11 in



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