Hoist Fitness ROC-IT Strength Circuit (16 Machines)

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Upgrade your gym with the Hoist ROC-IT Strength Circuit, featuring 16 machines to target every muscle group. Experience the superior quality and design of Hoist Fitness and take your strength training to the next level. Contact Pro Gym today to purchase.

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Looking to upgrade your gym’s strength offerings? Look no further than the Hoist Fitness ROC-IT Strength circuit. This package includes 16 machines that offer a complete strength workout from head to toe. From bicep curls to leg presses and everything in between, this circuit is perfect for both new and existing gyms looking to improve their fitness offerings.

To ensure maximum engagement, the ROC-IT technology also allows for a natural range of motion, reducing stress on joints. This feature sets the ROC-IT line apart from traditional strength equipment and makes it a great choice for gym-goers of all levels.

Moreover, the Hoist ROC-IT Strength Circuit is compatible with the Hoist ROC-IT Selectorized line for a complete gym setup. This makes it easy for you to provide your members with an engaging and effective workout that targets all major muscle groups.

The Unique Technology Behind the Hoist ROC-IT Strength Circuit

The ROC-IT line from Hoist Fitness uses a patented pivoting system that ensures the user’s movements are fluid and natural, reducing the risk of injury. This innovative technology makes it a great choice for gym-goers of all levels. Additionally, each machine in the circuit is fully adjustable to accommodate users of different sizes and abilities, making the circuit even more comfortable to use.

Not to mention, the Hoist ROC-IT Strength circuit offers a complete strength workout for all major muscle groups. The easy-to-use machines with intuitive adjustments make it ideal for both beginners and advanced gym-goers alike.

  • Offers a complete strength workout for all major muscle groups
  • Easy-to-use machines with intuitive adjustments
  • Unique design allows for a natural range of motion and reduces stress on joints
  • Durable and high-quality construction for long-lasting use
  • Compatible with the Hoist ROC-IT Sectorized line for a complete gym setup.

Hoist Fitness Roc-It 16 Machine Strength Circuit:

  • Hoist ROC-IT Seated Dip (RS-1101) targets the triceps and shoulders
  • Hoist ROC-IT Bicep Curl (RS-1102) isolates and strengthens the biceps
  • Hoist ROC-IT Lat Pulldown (RS-1201) is ideal for developing a strong back
  • Hoist ROC-IT Chest Press (RS-1301) is perfect for building a strong chest
  • Hoist ROC-IT Shoulder Press (RS-1501) targets the shoulders
  • Hoist ROC-IT Seated Mid Row (RS-1203) targets the upper back
  • Hoist ROC-IT Pec Fly (RS-1302) is ideal for toning and building the chest muscles
  • Hoist ROC-IT Abdominals (RS-1601) targets the core
  • Hoist ROC-IT Low Back Extension (RS-1204) is great for building a strong lower back
  • Hoist ROC-IT Leg Extension (RS-1401) targets the quadriceps
  • Hoist ROC-IT Leg Curl (RS-1402) targets the hamstrings
  • Hoist ROC-IT Leg Press (RS-1403) is perfect for developing the glutes and legs
  • Hoist ROC-IT Inner Thigh Adductor (RS-1406) targets the inner and outer thigh muscles
  • Hoist ROC-IT Outer Thigh, Abductor (RS-1407) targets the inner and outer thigh muscles
  • Hoist ROC-IT Rotary Calf (RS-1415) strengthens the calf
  • Hoist ROC-IT Glute Master (RS-1412) tones and builds the glute muscles

Trusted by Crunch Fitness Health Clubs

Trusted by Crunch Fitness health clubs, the Hoist Fitness ROC-IT Selectorized / Pin Loaded line meets their strength training needs. With over 400 club locations, it’s clear that this equipment is both effective and reliable. By adding the Hoist ROC-IT Strength Circuit to your gym, you’re providing your clients with the same top-quality equipment used by one of the most successful fitness chains in the country.

Don’t stop at strength training, complete your gym offerings with high-quality cardio equipment from Star Trac, including the Series 4 Treadmills, Cross trainers, and Exercise Bikes, and a Stairmaster Stepmill. If the Hoist ROC-IT Strength circuit is missing a piece that you need, contact one of our fitness equipment experts, and we’ll work with you to create the perfect circuit that fits your gym’s unique needs.

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