HOIST Mi7Smith Functional Training System

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The HOIST Mi7Smith Functional Training System is a cutting-edge piece of strength equipment 🪄. This innovative system combines a Smith Machine and Functional Trainer in a compact footprint, offering the safety and stability of guided workouts with the freedom of free weights.

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As you searching for a cutting-edge piece of strength equipment that combines innovation, efficiency, and space-saving design? Look no further than the HOIST Mi7Smith Functional Training System. This revolutionary piece of gym equipment seamlessly merges the MiSmith Dual Action Smith and the Mi7 Functional Trainer, offering a walk-through design that will undoubtedly transform your workout experience.

Discover the power of this exceptional piece of fitness equipment that’s designed to help you achieve a strong and versatile body.

HOIST Mi7Smith Functional Training System Features

Innovative Design

  • Innovative Design
    Firstly, the Mi7Smith redefines fitness with its innovative design. It combines the MiSmith Dual Action Smith and the Mi7 Functional Trainer, making the most of your available space.
  • Dual Action Smith
    Specifically, the MiSmith Dual Action Smith boasts patented technology that enables simultaneous horizontal and vertical bar movement. Providing the benefits of free weight training with the added safety and stability.
  • Functional Trainer
    As you walk through to the other side, you’ll subsequently find the Mi7 Functional Training System. Whereas it features dual Silent Steel weight stacks with 360-degree rotating columns, allowing for a complete free-range of motion.

Quiet Versatility

  • Versatile Grip Options
    With patented Flip ‘N Grip technology, it offers five pull-up grip options, including rock grips. Additionally, there are patent-pending Flip ‘N Dip grips that provide both narrow and wide dips.
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation
    Importantly, each solid steel individual plate is precision-machined with industrial plastic bushings, ensuring smooth, silent operation while eliminating metal-to-metal contact or sound.
  • Commercial Quality Components
    Furthermore, the Mi7Smith is built to last with commercial-quality components, including linear bearings and shafting, for frictionless guided motion.
  • Streamlined Design
    Not to mention, the gym’s streamlined design conceals most hardware from view, giving it a sleek and modern appearance.
  • 360-Degree Rotating Columns
    Moreover, the 360-degree rotating columns feature a patent-pending Integrated Adjustment System, providing versatility in your product.


  • Accessory Convenience
    Additionally, Quick Release one-handed accessory connectors, an integrated bottle holder, and an accessory rack offer convenient storage options.
  • Tech-Friendly
    You’ll also appreciate the adjustable tablet/mobile device holder, included, whereas you can follow along with workout plans and tutorials.
  • Split Weight Cabling
    Enjoy increased cable travel with Split Weight Cabling, which delivers 50% resistance to the pulleys (114″ with strap handles).
  • Ultra-Lite Lifting System
    Furthermore, the Smith bar weight is reduced to a mere 30 lbs, making it easier to handle during your workouts.
  • Adjustable Safety Tiers
    Lastly, customize your safety levels with adjustable safety tiers on the Smith machine.

HOIST Mi7Smith Footprint

Hoist Mi7Smith Included Accessories:

  • Adjustable strap handles (one pair)
  • Dual attachment, long assist strap
  • Padded ankle/thigh strap
  • Dual attachment, commercial quality, ultra-light aluminum straight bar with revolving attachment points
  • Commercial quality, ultra-light aluminum curl bar
  • Adjustable core Stabilizer Pad

This state-of-the-art fitness system isn’t just about space-saving; it’s about delivering a complete range of functional training exercises designed to maximize your results and help you achieve your fitness goals efficiently.

Say goodbye to clutter and wasted space and say hello to the future of home strength training.


Weight985 lbs
Dimensions92.05 × 83.00 × 83.49 in



Neck, Glutes, Lats, Toning, Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Back, Abdominal, Legs, Upper Body, Lower Body, Total Body

Minimum Square Footage

100 ft²


Light Commercial Warranty: Body/Frame: 10 Years, Structural Moving Parts: 5 Years, Bearings, Bushings, Pulleys: 3 Years, Finish/Paint/Cables/Upholster/Accessories: 1 Year

Weight Stack

Standard 300 lbs (2 x 150 lb Silent Steel Weight Stacks); Optional, 400 lb (2 x 200 lb Silet Steel Weight Stacks)


Includes adjustable strap handles (one pair), dual attachment, long assist strap, padded ankle/thigh strap, dual attachment, commercial quality, ultra-light aluminum straight bar with revolving attachment points, commercial quality, ultra-light aluminum curl bar, adjustable core stabilizer pad