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The patented BODYCRAFT XFT strength training technology fuses Barbell Training with Functional Training all within a compact footprint. Designed to allow you to safely perform countless exercises, whether you’re a performance athlete or just beginning your journey, the XFT offers you what it takes to reach your goals.

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Allows you to upgrade your 150lb weight stack by 50lbs, for a total of 200lbs.
150 Lbs
200 Lbs (+$150.00)
BODYCRAFT Flat Incline Decline Dumbbell Bench - F704
F704 Flat/Incline/Decline Bench (+$350.00)
BODYCRAFT F711-CK Leg Extension and Leg Curl Attachment Kit for F704 Bench
F711-CK Leg Extension & Curl Attachment (+$200.00)
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BODYCRAFT XFT Functional Strength Training Revolution

The BODYCRAFT XFT is the most comprehensive Strength Training System ever created. Designed and engineered by BODYCRAFT, the XFT is the latest in strength training technology. The patented XFT fuses Free Weight Barbell Training with a Functional Training Machine all within a compact footprint. The XFT was specifically designed to allow you to safely perform countless exercises in a natural range of motion. Whether you’re a performance athlete or just beginning your journey, the XFT offers you what it takes to reach your goals.

Full Range of Motion

The patented BODYCRAFT XFT BARBELL was designed to give you a full range of motion when performing exercises. Unlike Smith Machines, the XFT BARBELL particularly travels freely both vertically and horizontally through industrial grade linear bearings. Coupled with a blue anodized rotating bar you can safely perform barbell exercises. Exercises such as Power Cleans, Bicep Curls, Squats, Bench Press, and many more are easily performed. Furthermore, the XFT BARBELL reacts to your natural movements never forcing an unnatural path of motion like a Smith Machine.

Full Range of Motion

Workout Barbell Range of Motion

Complete BODYCRAFT XFT Barbell Training

The XFT Barbell smoothly travels in a full free range both horizontally and vertically via industrial grade linear bearings. Additionally a 20″ of horizontal travel and 60″ of vertical travel offering you a complete barbell motion.

  • Provides weight resistances when lifting the bar up and when pulling/pushing the bar down.
  • Counter-weight carriage system with Quick-Set handle allows you to raise or lower the almost weightless XFT Barbell to your desired staring position.
BODYCRAFT XFT Functional Trainer, 32 Adjustable Positions

Training At Its Finest

The XFTs Dual Chrome Cable Columns feature Dual Swiveling Pulleys with 32 different positions, 61″ of Vertical Travel, Laser Etched Position Numbers, and Laser Cut Position Window.

  • Front facing Dual Swiveling Pulleys provide a 2:1 weight ratio. They further have an effective width of 53″ allowing you to perform hundreds of functional exercises.
  • 2X Double The Weight! Need more weight? BODYCRAFT’s unique DOUBLE-UP feature provides the XFT Barbell with 2 times the weight. With the optional 200lbs weight stack, the stack becomes 400lbs!
Pull Up Bar

Multi-Grip Chin Bar

Offers 3 different grip positions (Wide – Classic – Narrow), the BODYCRAFT XFT Chin/Pull-Up Bar allows you to perform many types of upper body and core exercises.

Attachments and Accessories

All The BODYCRAFT XFT Accessories

The BODYCRAFT XFT comes with all the functional accessories you will ever need. This machine is loaded with a Long Bar, Sports Stick, Ankle Cuff, Dual Chains, and Dual Single Handles allowing you to perform limitless exercises.

  • With the optional Power Row Option you can get a great low row exercise.
    Add an optional table holder to watch exercise videos online.
  • Use the featured lower loops to thread a optional battle rope or optional exercise bands instead!
  • Lastly select an optional flat/incline/decline bench to utilize the Centerline Bench Alignment and significantly supercharge the BODYCRAFT XFT.


Weight728 lbs
Dimensions61 × 50 × 83 in


Barbell Travel

20" Horizontal Travel — 60" Vertical Travel

Barbell Positions

64 Positions with 1" Increments

Barbell Width


Functional Swiveling Pulley Vertical Travel


Functional Swiveling Pulley Positions

32 Positions with 2" Increments

Functional Swiveling Pulley Cable Length



Industrial Linear

Connection Points

Hardened Steel Bolts


Heavy Gauge Steel Tubing


Powder Coat

Residential Warranty

Since it is built to last a lifetime, every part of the BODYCRAFT XFT is guaranteed for as long as you own it. BODYCRAFT will replace or repair any manufacturer defect. Warranty applies only to the original owner and for in-home use. Does not cover normal wear and tear.

Light Commercial Warranty

10 Year Frame, 2 Year Parts


Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Back, Abdominal, Legs, Upper Body, Lower Body, Total Body


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