Paramount MP 3.0 Multi-Gym (3-Stack 4-Station)

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Paramount/TRUE MP 3.0, 3-stack/4-station provides the best value multi-gym unit on the market today. Leg Extension/Curl Station, Checks, high and low swivel pulley provides the ability to perform a full body workout in a small footprint.

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Paramount MP 3.0 (3-Stack 4-Station) Multi-Gym

The MP 3.0 3-Stack Multi-Station Gym offers premium styling and optimum function providing the best value-priced three-stack unit on the market today. With commercial quality construction and proper biomechanics, the MP 3.0 is the perfect choice for hotels and resorts, corporate fitness centers, police and fire agencies, apartment and condominium complexes.

Leg Extension/Leg Curl

  • Four starting positions for both extensions and curls allow users to choose the range of motion best suited to their individual needs.
  • 5-position back pad and leg curl thigh pad accommodate a equally wide range of users.
  • Self-adjusting ankle pad certainly eliminates the need for adjustment and while providing proper support throughout entire range of motion.

Upper Body

  • The Paramount MP 3.0 provides exercise choices including chest, incline, and shoulder presses; lat pulldown and seated row; triceps pushdown and extension; and abdominal crunch
  • 8-position press arm and adjustable back pad are color coded for quick and accurate adjustment
  • 5-position seat to accommodate wider range of users
  • Mid-level pulley includes contoured multi-purpose strap for abdominal and triceps exercises

Low Swivel Pulley

  • Ideal for wide range of exercises including bicep curls, upright rows, inner thigh, and outer thigh.

Adjustable Cable Column

  • Dual pulleys pivot freely allowing user defined movements
  • Unilateral cable design accommodates both fitness and athletic style movements with up to 12″ / 31 cm of cable travel with one arm and 6′ / 183 cm of cable travel with both arms.

Paramount MP 3.0 Specifications

Dimensions: 96″L x 163″W x 83.75″H (244 cm x 415 cm x 213 cm)
Weight: 1104 lbs / 500 kgs; includes 3 x 170 lbs / 77 kgs weight stacks


Weight1200 lbs
Dimensions96 × 163 × 83.75 in