Cybex Bravo Compact Functional Trainer (8800)

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LIMITED TIME OFFER – The Cybex Bravo Compact Functional Trainer lets you train hundreds of movements in a single space-efficient machine. Exercisers no longer have to make a choice between workloads high enough to build strength and free-form patterns of movement that train for real-world applications.

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The short Cybex Bravo Compact Functional Trainer has changed the way the fitness world approaches strength training. Now a free-form cable exercise machine can develop strength as effectively as a fixed-path selectorized device. While increasing core muscle involvement. How did Cybex do this? By creating unique Progressive Stabilization Pad technology (patent pending), which allows the user to work with greater weights simultaneously without sacrificing functional movement.

Users may select a highly stable position or a completely unstable configuration  and any level of stability in between. The Bravo Advanced functional trainer includes the Advanced Cable Adjustment system. Which lets users specifically control the height and width between the cables’ origin. The direction of resistance can be completely controlled. Welcome to a new level of versatility and almost endless training possibilities.

The Cybex Bravo Compact Functional Trainer features the patented Progressive Stabilization System, which is a pad that adjusts for height and horizontal position. The system offers maximum support similarly to selectorized equipment or free-standing movement like most functional trainers.

The Bravo Lift features Free Start technology. This allows users to select the desired starting height and to get to it with minimal load, thus getting into the correct start position before the weights engaged.

Cybex Bravo Compact Functional Trainer Features:

  • Lifting Ratio: 2:1
  • 19 positions with 3″ spacing
  • 170LB per side
  • Dimensions: 45″ L × 54″ W × 87″ H
  • Multi Grip Pull Up
  • Convert to the tall model by changing the top pull up bar


Weight901 lbs
Dimensions45 × 54 × 77 in

Upper Body, Lower Body, Total Body






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